Y0u Will Become A Millionaire
In The Next 12 Months...
When nine out of ten people read that statement, their minds clamp shut like a steel trap. They refuse to believe it. They'll never take the steps needed to add that second comma to their bank account...
A Brain To Pick, An Ear To Listen, A Push In The Right Direction
*Warning* What you are about to read will change your life
Not by magic, but by knowledge.

We are assembling a small mastermind group of top level entrepreneurs in Chico, California. 

This mastermind will personally help you double your traffic, conversions and sales over the next 12 months, 
all while making a magnificent impact...

If that sounds appealing to you, you're in the right place.

We are currently looking a few more dream entrepreneurs who are committed to taking action to scale their business to 7 figures and beyond.

If you are determined to create wealth for yourself, your family and your future legacy, the TwoCommaTribe Mastermind is for you.
Masterminds Work For Any Industry
No matter what type of business you currently run, we've personally seen this mastermind model increase income levels by 200%, and often much more

Masterminds have been in place for thousands of years they have been essential to the inner workings of business development throughout history.

The history of transportation was forever changed when Henry Ford and Thomas Edison began spending significant time together. Ford learned much needed business skills, his relationships and network expanded dramatically and he became one of the early industrial titans. Before this mastermind, he was a struggling inventor and entrepreneur with lots of potential.

Within the artistic community, C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien formed their own mastermind called the Inklings. They met frequently, sharing ideas, sharing their challenges, and helped them become some of the greatest writers of the 20th century.

Andrew Carnegie told Napoleon Hill that the secret of his success could be traced to the “sum total of the minds” of his business associates such as his managers, accountants, chemists and so on. As a result of this conversation, Hill was the first to call this combined brain power a “mastermind.” Hill came to believe that a mastermind was not only an integral key to Carnegie’s success, but a foundational secret to the success of all great.

Combined brain power is massively powerful. 

Greatness Rarely Happens Alone...
We have made it our number one priority within the TwoCommaTribe Mastermind to attract high performers who combine our expertise and help one another take our businesses and lives to the next level.  

When we are in deep collaboration and interaction with other incredible people, we time-collapse and bring the future forward.
 Chico, CA has been a place of imagination, innovation and local business dreams that grow to touch the world...and we're only getting started.

It is the very act of simply being in proximity to other thought leaders and creators that is key to creating breakthroughs. Creating space to intentionally work on your business and not in it, allows you to see your business from a bird’s eye view versus from being in the trenches and in the grind.

Our mastermind forces you to step away for at least a few hours, to set aside the exhaustion of the day-to-day grind and enter a community where ideas and brilliance have space to flow

Our mastermind is an in-person, immersive experience that creates high-accountability to set goals, invent breakthroughs, shift mindsets, and accelerate growth.

Meet Stephen&Chelsey
Over the past 7 years, Stephen & Chelsey have built, scaled, and profitably exited multiple service-based, ecommerce, coaching and digital businesses.

They currently manage two ventures, TréCreative & Rainmakers Academy, empowering marriages and finances in all peoples through authentic storytelling and education.

Stephen&Chelsey believe in the power of community and bringing heavily solutions to earthly situations.
    Who This Is For...
    We take these very seriously, please only continue if you want the following...
    • To use your words to create WEALTH.
    •  To create unprecedented VALUE.
    •  To only work with people you LOVE.
    •  To build cultures and relationships that are INFLUENTIAL.
    •  To love and involve your FAMILY.
    •  To be always willing to be COACHABLE.
    •  To be always willing to TEACH.
    •  To FOCUS ON OTHERS instead of ourselves.
    •  To be incredibly RESOURCEFUL.
    •  To be wildly GENEROUS.
    •  To change lives and leave a LEGACY.
    Apply For The TwoCommaTribe Mastermind And Learn How To...
    • Unlock Passive Income: We love focusing on the WHO not the HOW. Instead of doing it all yourself, focus on minimal viable effort. Start to learn to hire talent and buy back the most valuable asset...your time.
    •  Create Sustainability: We strive to scale businesses that are long lasting and can create wealth and financial freedom for years to come.
    •  Be Incredibly Rewarding: Our mastermind process produces massive return on investment in the financial, relational, and spiritual realm.
    •  Be Held Accountable: The compressed focused time to work on your business instead of continuing the grind will create countless breakthroughs.
    •  Accelerate Growth: How to take the equivalent of 5-10 years of experience and growth and compress it into 12 months.
    •  Leverage Your Relationships: Our mastermind group only works with top performers. With this high level peer group, you will have access to people to call on for our different challenges, support or encouragement at any time. The knowledge, expertise and experience you will gain is limitless.